Award for Security Personnel Cert

Do you want to enhance your security credentials?  The International Award for Security Personnel will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in the security industry.  It will also expand opportunities for upward mobility, as you become more attractive to employers within the security industry.

Upon successful completion, candidates will become certified by City and Guilds.

Programme structures and requirements

The City and Guilds International Award for Security Personnel consists of 4 units, each assessed separately.  In order to achieve the City and Guilds qualification, students will need to pass all four units, as shown below:

This course requires participants to cover a duration of 80 contact hours which comprises of on-site training and the submission of assignments.

The programme modules are as followed:

  • Element 1:       History of the Private Security Industry
  • Element 2:       Use and Maintenance of the Pocket Diary
  • Element 3:       Use and Maintenance of the Station Diary
  • Element 4:       The Maintenance of the Log Books
  • Element 5:       Flag Etiquette
  • Element 1:       Understanding and Use of the Standing Orders
  • Element 2:       Patrol Techniques
  • Element 3:       Functions of the Security Officer at the Gate or Fixed Post
  • Element 4:       Wireless and Telephone Communication
  • Element 5:       Access Control
  • Element 1:       Basic Fire Prevention and Safety
  • Element 2:       Emergency Protocol
  • Element 3:       Use of Force
  • Element 4:       Observation and Memory
  • Element 5:       Criminal Law Awareness (Trespass and Larceny)
  • Element 1:       Providing Quality Customer Service
  • Element 2:       Ethics and Professionalism
  • Element 3:       Effective Report Writing
  • Element 4:       Human and Public Relations
  • Element 5:       Values in Personal Development

 Assessment strategies

The system of assessment for the City and Guilds Certificate consists of practical and knowledge based activities, including a short answer question section for each Unit (001, 002, 003 and 004).  Candidates must achieve the pass standard in each of the assessment paper and in the practical application unit to be awarded in the City and Guilds UK Certificate.

Programme Schedule

Duration:  80 contact hours

Mondays, Wednesdays (6pm to 9pm)

and Saturdays (9am – 12 noon)


Note: a class schedule will be available upon registration.