Career Opportunities

We are always keen to meet energetic and talented security professionals  who would like to join our team.

If you are passionate, dedicated and committed, PSSTL is the place for you!

Interested persons should submit their CVs and covering letter to:  Below outlines our training processes for Security Personnel:

  • Two forms of photo ID (with copies)
  • A computerised birth certificate (with copy)
  • A Police Certificate of Good Character must be provided
  • Three references (one of whom must be a former employer/supervisor)
  • One passport sized photo
  • A utility bill/bank statement as proof of address
  • NIS number
  • Work permit or marriage certificate with residency work permit exemption
  • The candidate will be invited to complete an aptitude test as the final stage of the application process, 50% pass mark is required to move to the next phase
  • The successful applicant will be interviewed by a panel of two persons from the Human Resource and Operations Department respectively.
  • The assessment will look at former employment, work ethics, discipline, candidate strengths and weakness, goals and objective, general demeanour and suitability.
  • The results of the interview will be documented and attached to all documents submitted by the applicant.
  • Where the applicant has met all criteria of the application process, the Company shall conduct its own background checks through the Investigations Officer.
  • Candidates who are successful at this point are required to undergo the Company’s Training Programme, whether or not they have experience in the field.
  • All successful candidates will be required to complete the Company’s one month training which comprises of classroom and on-the-job security training.
  • Selected candidates will be contacted by the Human Resource Department in the first instance, who will notify them of the commencement of training, the appropriate attire and the necessary items required.
  • A copy of the list will then be forwarded to the Operations Department for a follow-up contact to be made during the weekend period before the Monday of the start of training.
  • Training assessment is based on Attendance 80%, punctuality -100%, appearance– 100 % and final exam 55%

A list of successful trainees will be compiled and forwarded to the Head of Operations or designated officer, who will assess the best fit for each successful trainee in terms of location.  On completion of this process Human Resource will prepare contracts and Job Descriptions for the trainees to assume duty as Security Personnel.